Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On somebody's path, Skofja Loka, april 2008

The beech tree was set up in the middle of the town square in Skofja Loka. It was pulled out of the forest with the help of ranger Logonder and transported to a nearby farm for preparation. The action during the installation of the tree was surreal, as it performed a dance together with mechanical arm in mid air. At one point the tree was aligned with the second floor windows. It was then turned around and put on the ground as an interruption, thrown on somebody's path.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Roots and rupture, 2007-2008

I was strolling the forests of Skofja Loka in december 2007, when I came across a fallen beech tree crossing my path like a colossal road block. It was over 25 meters long and over a 1000 kg heavy. I climbed on the trunk of the tree and lied there. This find initiated my search for roots and I ended up digging myself a black hole, literally. The redness of the soil was reminiscent of a wound, like a real rupture.