Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stroji za cinike in perfekcioniste // Machines for Cynics and Perfectionists, performance in Kapelica Gallery

Photos: Mihael Peter Fras



"The worlds forgotten boy." said...

It looks like an Arduino Mega was used but what is the glove based on? Can you give me some info on the brainsof the operation for an blog post?

Sanela Jahic said...


very briefly: Arduino Nano master, analog multiplexer, 5 flex sensors, 3 axis accelerometer, 1 axis gyro, I2C communication, 2 Arduino Mega slaves, 16x 12V DC kerosene pumps driven by 16 PWM TIP120 optocoupler drivers, 16x 230V AC electromagnetic valves driven by opto-triacs. All home brew and DIY. There are also some images on page 3, the process.

uzair awan said...

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