Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dogma II, 2004-2005

Dogma II's mechanism

Out of my first mechanical venture, scanner Dogma II came, a machine proceeding from the logic of an optical reader. Positioned in the dark, scanner illumines and unveils the image part by part, hence alluding to the gist of taboo, to something problematic. The example of such is an absolute, a dogma, an oppressive authority, and herein lies my trauma. Therefore, demystification was needed. At first sight, Dogma II is not far from a praying machine. It wants to come close to a hologram, a light image, containing the power of illusion. Well, the machine behind the flatness is a visible mechanism that produces and directes the image, which in part is a re-enactment of the egg scene from the film Angel Heart, 1987.

Dogma II was first shown at my solo exhibition Illusions from the remotest times in Gallery Ivan Grohar, Škofja Loka in 2005.

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